Reviews from Students

Gamida C.

""There was a point in my life when I became more aware of my own self-talk, which at times wasn't very kind. I could be very empathic towards others and decided that I wanted and needed to be my own best friend. As the saying goes: 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'. The art journaling practices Lea taught formed the road to my compassionate self. The tools, resources and research she provided opened doorways to the Self that are very transformative. If you're ready to practice self compassion, you're in the right place."

JoAnne T.

"I've been meditating for years, and I've been studying self compassion for years. But taking Lea's course and doing these simple heart-centered drawings of my inner experience made me actually experience self compassion on a visceral level. It was like going from reading about swimming to actually diving into the water."

Cat S.

"I've been in somatic therapy and a Zen student for the last decade ~ it wasn't until creative self-compassion practice with Lea that I found the missing ingredient of my healing journeyEven in therapy, I could somehow avoid being warmly accepting of myself. Creative self-compassion has been a tremendous gift. Thank you, Lea!"

Patricia C.

"I knew I needed to learn how to be kind to myself. I had read about self-compassion and tried to do meditations, but something was not sinking in. Art journaling got me to slow down and absorb what self-compassion means ~ especially common humanity. This changed my life. I highly recommend this work to anyone!"

Jade F.

"This was one of the most profound group experiences I've had. Despite being virtual, I was able to feel held and gain a sense of community while also learning to give myself the love, care and self-compassion I had been missing. In the months since then, I've been able to use the tools in my daily life, offering myself warmth and love when I feel alone. I cannot extend enough gratitude to Lea for changing my life and the way I view myself and others. Self-compassion changed my life for the better, and I can't see myself returning to the place I was thanks to what I've learned.

Julie M.

"I've studied self-compassion for years now. I'm a mindfulness teacher. I'm a life coach. Yet, taking the practices and painting them brought them to life in a way for me that I had never experienced before and it's been so powerful. I was terrified because I don't consider myself an artist in any way. And yet because of how Lea structures each art journaling practice, there was nothing intimidating about it. On the contrary, I feel so proud of the art I've done. I plan to continue using these tools again and again. I'm so deeply grateful."

Pam D.

"Lea's teaching is so wonderful! And easy and natural. The pacing is perfect. The content is digestible. Just the right amount of everything. It felt so great to draw and paint ~ it’s been a long time. So glad I signed up!"

Jared M.

"Everyday Self Compassion was one of those rare experiences when I both learned a lot and had fun. Every single thing that Lea presented was simple, clear, wise, warm, and backed by science. Plus, learning through art journaling helped me integrate each insight deeply. Lea really is a true healer, and this class is her unique, cutting-edge vehicle. I recommend it to everyone!"

Kelsey V.

"Therapists have told me that I need to work on self compassion. But it's honestly been a little frustrating because they would recommend books or workbooks, and it felt hard to make progress. In my head, I was like, “I know I'm being mean to myself, but how can I change that?” This class helped me to put into practice the things that I needed to learn, and also learn at a deeper level than ever before. It's exactly what I needed. I feel like the art journaling is really what helped me. It got me to focus. I'm really grateful for this class. It's been life changing. I've beat myself up since I was little and just never really had the skills to learn how to undo that. I can honestly say that this class made a huge difference in my daily life.

Katie V.

"This was a safe and nurturing space for me to release the stressors of my day and shed the personal armor that I put on to go out into the world, and to experiment with being incredibly tender with myself. These self-compassion techniques have completely changed the way I see my early painful experiences and helped me heal old wounds that I didn't realize were still impacting me."

Kelly R.

"I learned to let go of my perfectionism and the need to 'stay strong' and to instead give myself a break ~ treating myself as I would treat a friend. This was truly life-changing. Lea’s expert teaching was supported by her gentle, firm guidance and ongoing encouragement to 'be curious.' Since taking the course, my relationship with myself and with others is more authentic, connected and human. I’m extremely grateful."

Meredith P.

I really appreciated Lea’s thoughtful, relaxed and engaged approach in sharing her deep knowledge of self-compassion, and I benefited immensely from the wide variety of tools she shared. I often recall her teachings and continue to use the practices during times of reflection or discomfort. Lea’s wisdom and the care and intention she brings to her workshops make for a truly worthwhile experience."

Janet V.

"Art journaling helps me to be very in-the-moment and present, and then I’m not getting carried away so far in the future. This is something that I will actually use. Thank you very much for teaching us simple ways to draw, because now I feel like I can do it.”

Reviews from Colleagues

Karen E.

I have referred many clients, colleagues and friends to Lea’s workshops and groups over the years, and they have been deeply impactful and transformative, without exception. She embodies creative compassion in every aspect of her offerings ~ thoughtful writing prompts, inspiring poetry, accessible art-making, skillfully guided meditation, and the opportunity to reflect and connect with others and themselves. Lea provides participants with a trustworthy group container in which they can truly find healing, freedom and community. ~ Karen Erlichman, D.Min., LCSW

Jess E.

“As a mental healthcare provider, I'm always on the lookout for skilled educators to refer my clients to. Lea is just that ~ kind, compassionate, reliable, responsive, and walks the talk. I LOVE how she combines creative practices with mindful self-compassion. Being kind to oneself can be incredibly difficult and I think it's just brilliant that Lea has found a way to speak to her student's inner child through art journaling, and poetry. I highly recommend her trainings, workshops, and free courses. Seriously, I send my good friends to Lea because I trust her so much.” ~ Jess Engle, MFT, founder of The Relationship Center

Kyle M.

“Lea offered a self-compassion training at our Center’s retreat, and her teaching was truly helpful to our team ~ both personally and clinically. I received lots of positive feedback from my staff, and they left with tools they can use to help avoid empathy fatigue. I strongly recommend Lea's self-compassion trainings.” ~ Kyle McMahan, MFT, Director of The San Francisco Marriage and Couples Center

Esther P.

Lea is a changemaker. She uses traditional, therapy-informed practices combined with art journaling and poetry to help her students and clients explore their inner world with gentle self-compassion and love. She is encouraging, engaging, and thoughtful. It was a pleasure working with her.”  ~ Esther Piszczek, certified Zentangle teacher and host of the Eternal Possibility Hour

Michelle S.

“It was a pleasure to work with Lea on our collaborative retreat. She was present and available throughout our preparations and she brought care, attention and ease to the process, which I deeply appreciated as the convener of the retreat. Participants were guided with expertise and attentiveness during the self-compassion sessions that Lea facilitated, and I was so grateful that I could trust her in guiding and tending to the group. ~ Michelle Stransky, Founder and CEO of Kinvene Collaborative