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When you register for Poems That Love You, you'll receive a self-compassion poem in your inbox every day, as well as a prompt for reflection. If you want to go deeper, I'll share guidance for creatively exploring the poems.

Poems That Love You includes:

❤️  an uplifting poem in your inbox each day for 30 days

❤️  guidance in exploring and reflecting on the poems

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I'm glad you're here

I'm Lea Seigen Shinraku, creative self-compassion teacher, licensed therapist and Zen practitioner. Poetry is a central part of my teaching and everyday practice, and I love to share uplifting poems with others. I invite you to participate in Poems That Love You in whatever way feels good. If you want to read each day's poem or listen to it, great! If you only read or listen to one poem all month, that's great, too! These are poems I have incorporated in my daily self-compassion practice in a creative way. I've shared those explorations on Instagram ~ you might like to check them out. And I'd love to see your reflections and creations, too, so please tag #poemsthatloveyou when you post. If you're looking for a gentle, daily reminder to be kind to yourself, Poems That Love You are here!

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