Love Yourself Now
with Art Journaling

free online workshop Sunday, June 30, 2024
11am PT

break free from self-judgment and nurture your creativity!


Love Yourself Now with Art Journaling

free online workshop

Sunday, June 30, 2024
11am PT

break free from self-judgment and nurture your creativity!

Katie V.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop ~ I loved it so much. You made the drawings so approachable. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be kinder to themselves. I was actually hoping that I could get my kids to watch the replay with me. Thanks again, Lea ~ I can't wait to do another workshop with you!”

Grow and heal ~ and have fun!

“The workshop taught me a hands-on way to be kinder to myself. Lea guided us to draw ourselves, demonstrating a simple way to do it. Suddenly, with me literally on the page, I was able to open up to the ideas ~ mind, body, and spirit. It was wonderful to feel an instant infusion of affection, understanding, and compassion for myself.” ~ Kath B.

healing doesn't have to be heavy

If you've explored personal growth and been in therapy, you know that healing can be intense. You may have had experiences where you dug deep and ended up feeling exhausted and depleted. There's no getting around the fact that healing can take us to uncomfortable places. But sometimes we need to lighten up; we want to heal but we're tired!

If you've been feeling this way, Love Yourself Now with Art Journaling will give you fun and practical skills for your self-compassion toolbox. This workshop will help you connect with the young, playful part of you, while also staying grounded in your adult self. You'll be guided in how to show up heart-first, with more joy, so you can continue on your healing journey with less heaviness and exhaustion.


Kelly R.

It was such a gift to have this dedicated time to learn, draw, listen, and reflect. Lea encouraged us to be playful and experiment. This was important as I don't draw regularly and can be quick to judge myself. I really appreciate Lea's heart-centered approach. I can't help but smile when I look at my drawing from the workshop.”

in this free training, you will:

🎨 ​​ add art journaling to your self-compassion toolkit so healing feels easier

🧑‍🎨 re-imagine the inner critic's stories creatively so those harsh words no longer have power over you

🌻 walk away with an effective, gentle (and fun!) way to love yourself whenever life feels difficult ~ instead of losing yourself to unhelpful habits

If you want to keep practicing together after this free training, you'll also learn about my uplifting Everyday Self-Compassion program.

This live workshop was recorded, so you can watch the replay!


Hi, I'm glad you're here!

I'm Lea Seigen Shinraku ~ artist, teacher, licensed therapist and 20+ year Zen practitioner. I've led self-compassion classes for over 10 years, and I know first-hand that personal growth is transformational and deeply worthwhile. I also know that it can be heavy and exhausting. If you're feeling depleted, art journaling offers a gentle and meaningful way to re-engage with your innate creativity. This accessible practice is a powerful, playful way to continue on your healing journey while also finding a sense of lightness and fun. Creative self-compassion has transformed my life and the lives of hundreds of my students. I'm here to help you experience more playfulness in your healing, too. Nothing means more to me than helping people accept themselves and find a sense of creative joy in everyday life. If you feel burned out and you're longing for more ease in your personal growth journey, I hope you'll join me for this fun, free workshop. ❤️

The workshop was inspiring! You have a wonderful way of teaching on a topic that's hard for many of us. I have a tough time expressing my feelings and hold most of it inside. Thank you for providing a way to work through challenges in our lives and allow our feelings to be heard. Your kindness and true care were felt today.” ~ Ginger R.










Do you have questions about the workshop? Contact Lea at [email protected]